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Pondelok 21. apríl 2014

European consumer policy is one of the strategic goals of the European Commission, aiming and improving the quality live of its citizens. Creation and implementation of consumer policy is inevitable result of international EU market development. At european level, consumer policy has the following medium- term period oriented goals:

  • high standard of common consumer protection,
  • eficient execution of consumer protection guidlines,
  • joint effort of consumer organisation in EU policies creation.

In accordance with EU goals consumer policy in Slovakia follows basic consumer rights which include :

  • health and security protection consumer right,
  • right for consumer economic interests protection,
  •  information and education right,
  • right for collective representation of consumer interests within the consumer protection,
  • right for indemnisation of losses,

European Consumer Centers Network ( ECC - net )

The EU has established a network of ECC with the aim of solving disputable cases in consumer environment by means of advisory and negotiating services that means by extrajuridicial systems.

National centers in the EU member states co-operate with the EU and consumers in Supporting efficient implementation of internal market with the aim:

  • providing information an legal system and case studies on both european and member states levels,
  • informing on procurements – in use,
  • providing advisory assistance for consumers,
  • co-operating with centers within both ECC and other networks.

Other EU Systems for Consumer Protection

The EU has established other specialised mechanisms for consumer right protection

Including the so called EEJ – net with the aim of extrajuridical solutions and FIN – net with the aim of solving conflicts in financial services.

The ECC centers usually include also activities of above mentioned spacialised network based on existing conditions.

European Consumer Center - Bratislava

ECC Bratislava has been established by the decision of the Ministry for Economy on 1 September 2004. It is focused on activities within ECC network and it forms an active part between the EU structures and consumers in the Slovak Republic.

ECC Bratislava has following priorities:

  • co-operates with the European Commission and its structures in the area of the EU market development
  • provides information on the european legal system and case studies
  • provides advisory assistance at mediating in transbordary consumer conflicts
  • acts in the EEJ-net system for extrajuridical system of solving conflicts
  • provides basic legal information and recomends local and professional authorities to consumers
  • co-operates with non-governmental consumer organisations
  • informs consumers on possibilities offered by internal market prepares campaigns and training activities