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Welcome to the section for SERVICES of the web site of the Ministry of the Economy and Construction of the Slovak Republic




This section is administered by the Internal Market Unit.



You can find the following information within the SERVICES section:


- Welcome and introduction (this page):

Overview, contacts and other links

- Services in Slovakia and in the European Union (not yet finalised)

Provision of services (requirements, contacts to competent bodies, points of single contacts in Slovakia and in the EU)

- Act No. 136/2010 of the Coll. on Services in the Internal Market

The text of the Slovak act transposing the Directive 2006/123/EC on Services in the Internal Market published in the Collection of laws of the Slovak Republic (in Slovak) and an unofficial translation into English

- Directive 2006/123/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on Services in the Internal Market

The text of the directive published in the Official Journal of the EU



E-mail contacts for services issues:


Services (Directive)


Services (Directive – art. 21)


Internal Market Information System (IMI)




Services section of the web site of the Ministry:






Except for this web site of the Ministry, further information on services (or trade licenses and business in general, in relation to the EU) can be found at other portals and web sites.


Links to related web sites on the provision of services:


Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (http://www.minv.sk/?ministry-of-interior):

   Trade licencing (Public Administration > Trade Licencing): Points of Single Contact in the Slovak Republic, Legal time limits for proceedings, The Trade Register of the Slovak Republic, Documents for download (Act No. 455/1991 Coll. on Trade Licensing (Trade Licensing Act), Administrative fees related to Trade Licensing, presentation: Services of the Points of Single Contact in Slovakia).


Web site of the European Commision

   A Single Market for Services (European Commission > Internal Market > A Single Market for Services): Directive on services in the Internal Market.

   SOLVIT (European Commission > SOLVIT)



Last update: 3 January 2014